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HS Football 2015
Conner vs Scott
Lloyd vs Walton-Verona
HS Basketball 2015
9th Reg Finals - CovCath vs Holmes
9th Reg - St. Henry vs CovCath
9th Reg - St. Henry vs Cooper
9th Reg - Newport vs CovCath
9th Reg - NCC vs Holmes
9th Reg - Boone Co vs Dixie
Boone Co vs Dixie
Dixie vs CovCath
Cooper vs Ryle
CovCath vs Highlands
HS Football 2014
Lloyd vs NCC - Playoffs
Beechwood vs NCC
Conner vs Scott
Brossart vs NCC
Holmes vs Bellevue
Conner vs Campbell Co
Simon Kenton vs NewCath
Campbell Co vs NewCath
Walton-Verona vs Newport
HS Basketball 2014
Newport vs NewCath - All A Finals
Highlands vs NewCath
HS Football 2013
Carroll Co vs Newport
Holy Cross vs NCC
Dixie vs Cooper
SK vs Campbell Co
Conner vs Ryle
NCC vs Campbell Co
CovCath vs Dixie
Cooper vs NCC
Walton-Verona vs Bellevue
HS Basketball 2012/13
Holmes vs Madison Central - Sweet 16
CovCath vs Holmes - Reg Finals
Cooper vs Holmes - Reg Semis
Newport vs CovCath - Reg Semis
Cooper vs Ryle - District Finals
Cooper vs Scott
9th Reg All A Semis/Finals
CovCath vs NewCath
Lloyd Invitational
HS Football 2012
Cooper vs Bowling Green (State Finals)
NCC vs Caldwell Co (State Finals)
Highlands vs Collins (State Finals)
Ryle vs Campbell Co
Dayton vs Bellevue
Brossart vs Newport
Dixie vs Beechwood
Simon Kenton vs Ryle
Simon Kenton vs NewCath
Cooper vs Campbell Co
Conner vs Boone Co
NewCath vs Dixie
CovCath vs Campbell Co
HS Football 2011
NCC vs Beechwood
Bellevue vs Ludlow
Beechwood vs Bellevue
Simon Kenton vs Campbell County
Highlands vs CovCath
Brossart vs NewCath
Lloyd vs Walton Verona
Cooper vs Boone County
Simon Kenton vs Beechwood
CovCath vs Dixie
NewCath vs Dixie
HS Football 2010
Owensboro Cath vs NewCath State Finals
Bellevue vs Scott
Simon Kenton vs Dixie
HS Baseball 2010
Bellevue vs Ludlow
Highlands vs CovCath
Bellevue vs Newport
HS Basketball 2009/10
Newport vs Holmes Boys -9th Reg Final
Boone Cty vs Holmes Boys - 9th Reg Semi
Newport vs CovCath Boys - 9th Reg Semi
Ryle vs Boone Cty Girls - 9th Reg Final
Ryle vs St. Henry Girls - 9th Reg Semi
Belleuve vs Newport Boys - Districts
Bellevue vs Newport Girls - Districts
NCC vs Newport - 9th Reg All A Final
Ludlow vs NCC - 9th Reg All A Semi
Beechwood vs Newport - 9th Reg All A Semi
Holy Cross vs NCC - 9th Reg All A
Ludlow vs Bellevue - 9th Reg All A
Lloyd vs Beechwood - 9th Reg All A
Newport vs Dayton - 9th Reg All A
Bluegrass Buckeye Holiday Classic
Celebrity Basketball Game
Simon Kenton vs Colerain
CovCath vs Franklin Cty
North College Hill vs Highlands
Mason Cty vs Dixie
HS Football 2009
Christian Academy vs NCC Playoff
Bellevue vs Beechwood Playoff
Gallatin Cty vs Bellevue Playoff
Lloyd vs Bellevue
Beechwood vs Bellevue
Bellevue Homecoming
Scott vs Bellevue
Bellevue vs Holy Cross
Campbell Cty vs NewCath
LaSalle vs CovCath
NewCath vs CovCath
CovCath vs Highlands
St. Xavier vs Highlands
Skyline Crosstown Showdown
Highlands vs Pulaski Cty
Beechwood vs Dixie (Nippert)
HS Football 2008
CovCath vs Highlands
NewCath vs Holy Cross (2)
NewCath vs Holy Cross (1)
Holmes vs Dixie
CovCath vs Beechwood (2)
CovCath vs Beechwood (1)
Brossart vs Newport
Dayton vs Bellevue (2)
Dayton vs Bellevue (1)
NewCath vs Bellevue
Ryle vs NewCath (2)
Ryle vs NewCath (1)
Highlands vs Colerain
Simon Kenton vs NewCath
Bellevue vs Newport (2)
Bellevue vs Newport (1)
Ryle vs Highlands
HS Football 2007
Highlands State Finals (2)
Highlands State Finals (1)
NewCath State Finals (2)
NewCath State Finals (1)
Beechwood State Finals (2)
Beechwood State Finals (1)
Corbin vs NewCath (2)
Corbin vs NewCath (1)
Boone Cty vs Ryle (2)
Boone Cty vs Ryle (1)
NewCath vs Beechwood (2)
NewCath vs Beechwood (1)
NewCath vs Newport
Beechwood vs CovCath
Bellevue vs NewCath (2)
Bellevue vs NewCath (1)
Newcath vs Covcath
Highlands vs Ryle
Newcath vs Ryle (2)
Newcath vs Ryle (1)
HS Basketball 2007
9th Region Games (3)
9th Region Games (2)
9th Region Games (1)
District Finals - NCC vs HHS
Holy Cross vs Holmes
Brossart vs CovCath
Holmes vs Boone County (2)
Holmes vs Boone County (1)
Villa vs Bellevue Girls (2)
Villa vs Bellevue Girls (1)
St. Henry vs NCC (2)
St. Henry vs NCC (1)
NCC vs Bellevue (2)
NCC vs Bellevue (1)
HS Football 2006
NCC State Finals (2)
NCC State Finals (1)
College Football
HS Football 2005
Somerset vs NewCath
LexCath vs Highlands
Bellevue vs NCC Playoff
Bellevue vs NewCath
Simon Kenton vs Ryle
NewCath vs Beechwood
Dayton vs NewCath
CovCath vs Moeller
Indian Hill vs Bellevue
West Jess. vs Campbell County
HS Basketball 2005
NewCath vs Holy Cross
NewCath vs Bellevue
St. Henry vs NewCath
Villa Mad. vs Bellevue
Beechwood vs Holy Cross
Highlands vs NewCath
NCC vs Beechwood Photos
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